Arts Student Union grant/loan proposal form

If contacted to present grant/loan proposal at an Arts Council, please be prepared to give 5 minute maximum presentation. Longer presentations will have be cut off to allow for questions and decision making among the council

In order for a club to receive additional funding beyond that of the basic allotment, the club must fill out a GRANT/LOAN Proposal Form and submit it to the Arts Student Union (ASU) office no later than three business days (72 hours) prior to the next Council meeting. A representative of your affiliation is expected to present the proposal to Council. The request for funding must be reviewed, approved and deemed reasonable by the Executive, then motioned by the club at a Council meeting. In order for additional funds to be distributed the motion must pass by a simple majority vote of Council. Alternative amounts of funding may be suggested and passed by Council by simple majority.

It is recommended that funding requests be made PRIOR to any expenditures.

GRANTS: If a club wishes to host an event that lacks potential to generate revenue, but cannot finance the event solely from its own funds, it may apply to the ASU for a grant to assist with the running of the event. Grants cannot be used to subsidize the purchase of alcohol. Grant amounts must be deemed reasonable, and other sources of funding must be sought out and evidence of such ventures must be shown to and satisfy Council. Grants are not repaid. You must specify the amount of money you wish to receive.

LOANS: If a club wishes to host an event which has the potential to generate revenue, but needs funding to cover initial costs, it may apply to the ASU for a loan. Loans will be repaid in full no later than the end of the term in which the loan is issued, or another appropriate date, set by the Executive. Any loan which remains outstanding at the end of the term shall be deducted from that club's basic allotment (as defined under Article XI.7) of the following term(s) or in another manner set out by the Executive. Loans may also be issued to cover the initial cost of paraphernalia. You must specify the amount of money you wish to borrow.

Clubs will be responsible for preparing a Treasurer’s Report at the end of each term to be presented at the first Council meeting of the next term.

If a club does not follow through with its event, any allotment to which it might be entitled for its next event will be refused - unless by some unfortunate circumstance the event could not take place.

Please itemize all related expenses.
List all other donations, loans, grants, or fundraising to offset costs.
Including the basic society allotment, grants, and loans.
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