Symphyotrichum subsect. Symphyotrichum

Punicei Asters 

Symphyotrichum subsect. SymphyotrichumSymphyotrichum subsect. Symphyotrichum includes 8 species of  x=8  asters native to eastern North America. These asters usually have phyllaries that often are spreading to reflexed and have a somewhat foliaceus (leafy) apex. The leaves also usually more or less clasp the stem. Although often grouped with the Foliacei Asters, DNA data indicate the two groups are not sister to each other within subg. Symphyotrichum. Symphyotrichum puniceum is known to hybridize with species in subsect. Heterophylli and subsect. Dumosi, possibly indicating a relationship with these eastern North American groups. Symphotrichum novi-belgii and cultivar derivatives are naturalized in Europe and available at nurseries in North America; S. novi-belgii includes the nomenclatural type of the genus.  


Novi-belgii Complex (Mid to higher level polyploids)

Puniceum Complex (diploids and lower level polyploids)