Curtis’ or Appalachian Goldenrod

Solidago curtisii var. curtisii, Whiteside Mt., North CarolinaSolidago curtisii Torr. & A. Gray is native to much of the Appalachian Mts in eastern North America.  Stems are erect and straight, not bent as in S. flexicaulis (Semple & Cook 2006 FNA).  The species includes polyploid series of 2x, 4x, and 6x plants (2n=18, 36, 54; Cook & Semple 2008).

Two varieties were recognized in FNA:

Cook, R.E. and J.C. Semple. 2008. The cytogeography of Solidago subsect. Glomeruliflorae (Asteraceae: Astereae). Botany 86: 1488-1496.

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