Sericocarpus oregonensis

Oregon White-topped Aster

Sericocarpus oregonensis Nutt. is native to the Pacific states in the U.S.  The species is distinguished by its entire cauline leaves, (5–)6–9 mm high involucres, and heads with 2-5 rays (Semple and Leonard 2006 FNA).  The stems range from 24-102 cm tall, which is greater than other species in the genus.  Both subspecies are diploid (2n=18).

Two subspecies are recognized based on pubescence differences (Semple and Leonard 2006 FNA; Semple 2013):

  • subsp. californicus (stems and leaves moderately to densely hairy; the Sierra Nevada)
  • subsp. oregonensis (stems and leaves sparsely hairy; coast ranges from northern California to Washington)