Get involved

The success of research in the Biomechanics of Human Mobility Lab is without a doubt due to the outstanding teamwork of our dedicated study participants, undergraduate research volunteers, and graduate students.

Participate in a study

Study participants are essential to our research! We are so grateful to those who volunteer their time to help us answer critical questions that affect the health and mobility of so many. Being a study participant is a great way to gain exposure to the lab equipment and operations. Our goal is to make our study participants feel welcome and appreciated and to answer any questions you may have. For community volunteers, please contact a researcher directly. For student volunteers, please complete our volunteer form.

Volunteer research experience

There are many ways to get involved in the exciting research in the Biomechanics of Human Mobility Lab. Consider being a study participant to get a feel for the lab environment and research in the Department of Kinesiology. You may also assist with data collections within the lab when your schedule permits.  Our research volunteers and apprentices gain hands-on experience in equipment operation, palpation, and data processing. A volunteer placement or research apprenticeship (KIN 391) is an opportunity to:

  • Learn from, and work alongside, skilled graduate researchers
  • Become skilled in biomechanics data collection using motion capture cameras, Electromyography (EMG) and force plates
  • Be introduced to data processing techniques using Matlab and Visual3D

To volunteer, complete our volunteer form, or contact a professor.

Graduate studies

Graduate students are the heart of the Biomechanics of Human Mobility Lab team. Students work and learn in a dynamic, challenging environment with a wide variety of infrastructure and resources at their disposal. Learn more about graduate studies through the Biomechanics of Human Mobility Lab team.