CAMJ Members Attend COM 2023 in Toronto

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Prof. Peng Peng, Prof. Elliot Biro, PhD students: Kaiping Zhang, Shima Akbarian, Olakunle Timothy Betiku, Mohammad Shojaee and Jihui Yan attended the 62nd Annual Conference of Metallurgists (COM 2023) in Toronto in August, 2023. 

Prof. Peng Peng delivered an oral presentation entitled "Fabrication of High-entropy Alloy Coatings using Electro-spark Deposition"

PhD student Kaiping Zhang delivered an oral presentation entitled “Laser Micro-brazing of Stainless-steel Wire and Pt Band with a Cu Interlayer

Kaiping COM

PhD student Shima Akbarian delivered an oral presentation entitled "Laser Brazing of Zinc-coated Automotive Steels with a Focus on Improving Real-time Quality Control of Vehicle Assembly

Shima COM

PhD student Mohammad Shojaee exhibited a poster entitled "Mechanical Performance Evaluation and Failure Characterization of Groups of Spot Welds Using Caiman Mode I Component Tests"

PhD student Olakunle Timothy Betiku exhibited a poster entitled "Pathways to Improving the Mechanical Performance of Press-hardened Steel Resistance Spot Welds"

COM posters

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