Safety First

Online Safety Training Requirements

All MME Grad students are required to complete two online safety modules before any keys will be distributed to them:

  1. SO1001 Employee safety orientation (requires 30-60 minutes to complete)
  2. SO1081 Workplace violence awareness (requires 30-60 minutes to complete)

Links to modules can be found on the Safety Office website under Training.

Students must print a copy of the confirmation of completion that is provided at the end of each module. 

Students will need their Nexus login user name and password to access the modules (this is the same login you would use for Quest.) Students can also view their completed online training by visiting the following website and selecting option 2.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Allison Walker in the MME Grad Office.

The Safety Committee of Centre for Advanced Materials Joining (CAMJ) serves as a resource to help provide a safe, healthy work and educational environment to all members of our community, striving to promote that “Safety is a Core Value” in the research group.  We openly foster a positive Safety Culture by encouraging a “Safety First” approach to all work and research activities.  Our philosophy is that a Safety Hazard Analysis be performed prior to starting any research or work activity, to ensure that all participating members are properly trained and outfitted, thus minimizing the risks of any safety incidents from occurring.

The CAMJ Safety Committee is under the management of CAMJ Lab Manager Daniel Westerbaan

All researchers are to follow the guidelines and protocols of the UW Safety Office, Safety, Environment Management System (HSEMS) per Policy 34: Health, Safety and Environment:

All researchers are required to follow the Laboratory Safety in Metallography (PDF) guidelines, especially when there is the potential for HF Acid Exposure (PDF). Additionally, all researches must be familiar with the Occupational Safety and Health Guideline for Acetic Acid (PDF).

All researchers are must follow the Mandatory Safety Training and Exit Check List (DOCX), and all graduating students must complete the Student Decommission Check List (PDF).