Equipment for Specimen Preparation

Accuton-50 Wafer Cutting Machine


A Accuton-50 wafer cutting machine
  • Accuracy of x, y displacement: 1um
  • Minimum feeding speed: 1um/s

Model 1010 Low Angle Ion Milling and Polishing System


A Model 1010 low angle ion milling and polishing system
  • Range of extractor voltage: 0.5-6.0 kV
  • Current: 3-8 mA
  • Maximum ion beam current: 400 μA
  • Beam angle range: 0-30°
  • Vacuum environment
  • Argon gas

Ecomet 3 Variable Speed Grinder-Polisher


A Ecomet 3 variable speed grinder-polisher
  • Pressing force
  • Rotating direction and speed