Transportation Safety

Chemical Transportation Safety

  • Any chemicals in glass containers must use Double Containment Method
  • Per NEW Safety Office Bulletin Safety Requirements for Transporting Chemicals between Rooms and Buildings, effective 01-OCT-14

Hazardous Waste Transportation Safety

  • The Environmental Safety Facility provides the researcher with a place to bring waste chemicals
  • Containers must be labelled in full, prior to arrival
  • Containers should be clean and free of contaminants on the outside surface and transported without the use of gloves
  • Secondary containment (using a plastic tub) required during transport
  • You will be asked to classify the waste as either acid, base, flammable, oxidizer or toxic 

Compressed Gas Transportation Safety

  • All Researchers must be trained at the PRAXAIR training sessions or by the On-Line module
  • Compressed gas bottles must only be moved on approved carts with the safety caps on.


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