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CAMJ logoThe primary goal of the Centre for Advanced Materials Joining (CAMJ) at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada is to develop new and innovative technologies for materials joining. CAMJ has cutting-edge laboratory facilities and research areas to collaborate with leading companies in the industry for research and development. CAMJ trains students on the undergraduate, Masters, PhD, and Post Doctoral levels and collaborates with students from foreign institutes of excellence to extend their research.

The projects taken up in CAMJ are from the following areas:

  • Microwelding -  laser and resistance microwelding for medical applications
  • Microjoiningsoldering and wire bonding for electronics
  • Nanojoiningpractical interconnection and construction technologies of nano-mechatronics and molecular devices
  • Laser, arc, resistance and friction stir welding - automotive applications

Contributions to SuccessWelding machine.

  1. Nov. 29, 20182018 FOE Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision

    Prof. Adrian Gerlich is now one of the nominees selected to be a recipient of the Faculty of Engineering Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision. Nominees selected to receive the Faculty of Engineering Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision are also considered for the University Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision.

  2. May 1, 2018CAMJ Master's student Won Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Program!NSERC CGS M

    Erica Wintjes, CAMJ Master's student won the Canada Graduate Scholarship's award (funded by NSERC).

  3. Aug. 31, 2015CAMJ alumni at Smarter Alloys one of Canada's success stories

    University of Waterloo grad and CAMJ alumni Ibraheem Khan and his startup, Smarter Alloys, are finding success despite a weakening Canadian economy. Smarter Alloys uses its own Multiple Memory Material to precisely control the pseudoelastic and shape memory effect of a shape memory alloy. The company plans to continue growing in the coming months.

    Source, CBC

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