PhD Cndidate

Contact InformationChris

Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering
University of Waterloo
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1

Phone: 519-888-4537 ext. 33326

Office: E3-3110

Biographical Information

2015: Bachelor of Applied Science, Welding and Joining Specialization, University of Waterloo

2017: Master of Science, Welding Engineering, University of Alberta

Research Interests

  • Resistance Spot Welding
  • Welding Metallurgy
  • liquid Metal Embrittlement ​

Thesis Supervisor(s)

  • Professor Norman Zhou
  • Professor Elliot Biro


C. DiGiovanni, S. Bag, C. Mehling K.W. Choi, A. Macwan, E. Biro, N. Y. Zhou Reduction in liquid metal embrittlement cracking using weld current ramping Weld. World., 2019.

C. DiGiovanni, X. Han, A. Powell, E. Biro, and N. Y. Zhou, Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Liquid Metal Embrittlement Crack Location, J. Mater. Eng. Perform., 2019.

C. DiGiovanni, E. Biro, and N. Y. Zhou, Impact of liquid metal embrittlement cracks on resistance spot weld static strength, Sci. Technol. Weld. Join., vol. 24, no. 3, pp. 218–224, 2019.

C. DiGiovanni, L. Li, R. Driver, and L. Callele, Cracking in welded steel platform structures during hot-dip galvanization, Eng. Fail. Anal., vol. 79, pp. 1031–1042, 2017.

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