Fall 2009

Date Seminar title Speaker
September 9 Spot welding using double-sided arc welding of AA5182 Nandan Joshi
September 16 A study on in-process tempering of resistance spot welded TRIP780 Steel Yasuaki Okita
September 23 Non-destructive reliability study of Au-Al ball bonds Michael McCracken
September 30 Effect of titanium addition on microstructure and mechanical property of AZ31 magnesium alloy resistance spot welds Lin Xiao
October 7 Micro-welding of crossed NiTi wires Billy Tam
October 14 Effect of weld orientation on formability: plane strain stretch forming Jennifer Li
October 21 A comparative study on the AC and MFDC resistance spot welding of magnesium alloy AZ31B: columnar-equiaxed-transition Liu Ray
October 28 Accelerated characterization of bonding wire materials Andrew Pequegnat
November 4 Failure mode and heat affected zone microstructure of RSW AHSS Victor Baltazar
November 11 Ultrasonic friction power during thermosonic Au and Cu ball bonding Aashish Shah
November 18 Nanocrystalline L12-Al3 (Ti, Zr) intermetallic by mechanical alloying: synthesis and characterizations Dr. Sashank Nayak
November 25 Thermal and mechanical properties of various halogen-free laminates David Lau
December 2 Introduction to transient liquid-phase bonding of nickel-based superalloys Jesse Brenneman
December 9 A method to locally alter shape memory and pseudoelastic properties Ibraheem Khan