Date Seminar title Speaker
September 7 Recent progress on nanofabrication and nanojoining Anming Hu
September 14 Effects of martensite tempering on HAZ-softening and tensile properties of resistance spot welded dual-phase steel Murtasim Syed
September 21 Automation of electrospark deposition of TICP/Ni on RSW copper electrodes Murtasim Syed
September 28 Laser brazing of titanium alloy and stainless steel using silver-based filler metals Dr. Hiroaki Mori
October 5 The effect of time on the oxidation behavious and cleaning of nickel-based superalloy GTD111 Jesse Brenneman
October 12 Weldability of AA-5182 sheets seam welded by the double-sided arc welding process Nandan Joshi
October 26 Interfacial microstructure and mechanical properties of diode laser brazed AZ31B-Steel using nickel interlayer Ali Nasiri
November 2 Hardenability of fusion zone in diode laser welding of advanced high strength steels Dr. Sashank Nayak
November 9 A study on the effects of electrolyte on laser spot sealing of Ti Andrew Pequegnat
November 16 Heterogeneous nucleation on second-phase particle during non-equilibrium solidification Lin Xiao
November 23 Interconnect stress test Stacey Chan
November 30 Resistance microwelding of Pt-10%Ir to 316-LVM stainless steel Yongde Huang
December 7 Gleeble tempering of dual phase steel Dave Huang
December 14 Magnetic pulse lap welding of magnesium sheets Alex Berlin
December 21 Preparing of Cu nanoparticles and its applications for low temperature bonding Yan Jianfeng