Spring 2009

Date Seminar title Speaker
May 6 Double-sided arc welding of AA5182 Nandan Joshi
May 13 Robust bonding of Cu wires with low temperature nano Ag solder Hani Alarifi
May 20 Effects of softening on resistance spot welded AHSS Yasuaki Okita
May 27 Non-destructive reliability testing of wirebonds Michael McCracken
June 3 Study on the mechanism of dissimilar material joining by resistance spotwelding of Mg AZ31 and steel DP600 Liu Ray
June 10 Mechanism of resistance spot weld crossed nitinol wires Billy Tam
June 17 Effect of weld line position on the formability of dissimilar LTWB (DP980/HSLA) Jennifer Li
July 8 Dependence of microstructures on second-phase particles in resistance spot welds of AZ31 magnesium alloys Lin Xiao
July 15 Joining technologies for structural ceramics, intermetallic compound and superconductor Gui-Sheng Zou
July 22 A study on HAZ softening in resistance spot welded dual phase steel by nanoindentation Victor Baltazar
July 29 Improving insulated wire bond strength by removal of insulation during the looping stage of ultrasonic wire bonding Andrew Pequegnat
August 5
  1. Introduction to RIST & Welding Research Center
  2. Development of ultrasonic seam welding system for the solar collector
  3. Electron beam welding of superconducting RF cavity
Dr. Sookhwan Kim
August 12 Optimization of ultrasound and bond force to reduce pad stress in thermosonic copper ball bonding Aashish S. Shah
August 19 Recent progress on nanofabrication and nanojoining Anming Hu
August 26 Evaluation of halogen-free laminates for handheld applications David Lau
September 2 Robust bonding of Cu wires at low temperatures using nano Ag solder Hani Alarifi