Date Seminar title Speaker
May 5 Microstructure and fatigue properties of spot welded Mg/Mg and Mg/steel Lei Liu
May 12 Seam welding AA5182 using double-sided arc welding Nandan Joshi
May 19 Critical size of heterogeneous nucleation in AZ31 Magnesiun alloy resistance spot welds Lin Xiao
May 26 A study of the electrical flame off process during thermosonic wire bonding with novel wire materials Andie Pequegnat
June 2 Oxidation and fluoride-ion cleaning of nickel-based superalloy GTD111 Jesse Brenneman
June 16 Formability improvement of welded exhaust pipes due to control of grain size in welds Professor Hiroaki Mori
June 16 Thermal stability and thermite mechanism of coated Al nanoparticles with CuO Jeff Wang
June 23 Study of TLP bonding using analytical model and the DSC Wasiur Rahman
June 30 Microstructure and mechanical properties of diode laser brazed AZ31B to steel sheet Ali Nasiri
July 7 Golden bump for 20 micron diameter wire bond enhancement at reduced process temperature Chunyan Nan
July 21 Effect of hardness distributions on the failure mode of resistance spot-welded DP980 - improvement of failure mode by in-process tempering Yasuaki Okita
July 28 Online deformability and free air ball formation comparison of 20¬ µm Au, Cu, and Pd-coated Cu (PCC) wires Alireza Resvani
August 4 Laser crossed-wire microwelding of Pt-10%Ir to 316-LVM stainless steel Yongde Huang
August 11 Conductive anodic filament formation in halogen free printed wiring boards Stacey Chan
August 18 The effect of weld design on the formability of laser welded AHSS Jennifer Li
August 25 Lap joints by magnetic pulse welding of AZ31B Mg alloy sheet Alex Berlin
September 1 Localized surface plasmons of silver nanoparticles Xiaoyang Zhang