Date Seminar title Speaker
January 7 Centre for Advanced Materials Joining yearly update 2009 Professor Zho
January 7 Heat sink effect of a gold wire bond next to hot spots on a microchip Michael McCracken
January 14 Mechanical Property and microstructures of two resistance spot welded AZ31 magnesium alloys Liu Ray
January 21 Weldability of nitinol crossed wires Billy Tam
January 28 Study of Au ball bonding on Pd-Ni-Cu substrate Yan Huang
February 4 Nd:YAG laser microwelding of nitinol Ibraheem Khan
February 11 Electromagnetic impact welding of Mg to Al sheets Sachin Kore
February 18 Effect of brazing temperature on tensile performance of CNT/alloy bond Wei Wu
February 25 Nano-scale properties and TEM characterization of resistance spot welded dual phase steel Victor Baltazar
March 4 Online FAB characterization method: effects of gas type and flow rate on Cu FAB formation in thermosonic wire bonding Andrew Pequegnat
March 11 Effect of weld location, orientation and strain path on formability of DP600-HSLA tailored blank for automotive applications Sushanta Panda
March 18 Weldability study of AZ31 via laser processes Elliot Powidajko
March 25 Microstructure study in Cu wire bonding Hua Huang
April 1 Electro-spark deposition of TiC/Ni on Cu substrate Siu Kei Tang
April 8 Gas metal arc welding of dual phase steel Trevor Burns
April 15 Evaluation of halogen-free laminates for handheld application David Lau
April 22 Ultrasonic friction power during Al wire wedge/wedge bonding Aashish Shah