Date Seminar title Speaker
January 6 2010 Centre for Advanced Materials Joining yearly update Professor Zhou
January 6 Spot welding using double-sided arc welding of AA5182 Nandan Joshi
January 13 Bonding of Cu wires at low temperatures using nano Ag solder Hani Alarifi
January 20 Non-destructive reliability testing of wire bonds Michael McCracken
January 27 Solidification behaviour and mechanical properties of resistance spot welding of Mg to Mg alloy and Mg alloy to others Lei Liu
February 3 Micro-welding of crossed NiTi wires Billy Tam
February 10 Effect of weld design on formability: DP600/HSLA Jennifer Li
February 17 Effect of second-phase particle on fatigue property and nucleation in AZ31 Mg alloy resistance spot welds Lin Xiao
February 24 Real-time monitoring of "heavy" wire and ribbon bonding using piezoresistive microsensors Andrew Pequegnat
March 3 TEM study of the tempering of martensite in dual-phase steel under non-isothermal conditions in resistance spot welding Victor Baltazar
March 10 Transient liquid-phase bonding of cracks and notches in nickel-based superalloys Jesse Brenneman
March 17 Local phase conversion during pulsed neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG) laser processing shape memory alloys Ibraheem Khan
March 24 Mechanical and tribological aspects of microelectronic wire bonding Aashish Shah
March 31 Effect of HAZ-softening on the failure mode of resistance spot-welded dual-phase steel Yasuaki Okita
March 31 Microstructure and hardenability of fusion zone in dissimilar laser welds Armando Santillan
April 7 Study of transient liquid phase (TLP) bonding considering the applied pressure Wasiur Rahman
April 7 The effect of aluminum coating layer on steel during laser brazing of steel-AZ31B Mg alloy Ali Nasiri
April 14 Study on thermosonic wedge bonding process with 20 ┬Ám diameter GMH-2 Au wire Chunyan Nancy
April 14 Effects of using pre-ultrasound on copper ball bonding process quality Alireza Resvani
April 21 Conductive anodic filament formation in halogen free printed wiring boards Stacy Chan
April 28 Laser cross-wire welding of Pt-10%Ir to 316-LVM stainless steel Yongde Huang
April 28 Magnetic pulse seam welding of magnesium sheets Alex Berlin