Date Seminar title Speaker
January 4 2011 Centre for Advanced Materials Joining yearly update Professor Zhou
January 4 Nanojoining from nanofabrication to nanodevices Dr. Anming Hu
January 11 Nanojoining using nanothermite materials Golnaz Bohlouli
January 18 Pulsed Nd:YAG laser processing of nitinol Ibraheem Khan
January 25 Sintering behaviors of AgNPs: a comparative study between thermal and laser annealing Peng Peng
February 8 Ideas to innovation: litens linear actuator Mike Vlascov
February 22 Oxidation and fluoride-ion cleaning of nickel-based superalloy GTD111 Jesse Brenneman
March 1 Multi-memory material technology: corrosion & biocompatibility Andrew Pequegnat
March 8 Dependence of heterogenous nucleation on supercooling in AZ31 magnesium alloy resistance spot welds Lin Xiao
March 15 Effects of curing agents on CAF formation Stacey Chan
March 22 Development of multiple pulses resistance microwelding of crossed Pt-10%Ir and 316 LVM stainless steel wires Yongde Huang
March 29 No title supplied Alex Berlin
April 5 Predicting early stage phase formation and thermodynamic properties in Fe-Ni-(Mg-Al) system during laser brazing process by FactSage Ali Nasiri
April 12 Initial Analysis of a Gleeble-treated DP780 Dave Huang
April 26 Fusion zone microstructure and mechanical properties of TRIP steel resistance spot welds Dr. Sashank Nayak