Best Student Paper Award

First Place presented to: Cristian A. Alistarh, from Heriot-Watt University, UK for his contribution entitled: ‘’Spectral Smoothing by Multiple Radar Pattern Multiplication for Improved Accuracy’’

Award presented by:  Shahed Shahir, IEEE – Kitchener Waterloo Section Chair

Firs Place

From left: Sujeet Chaudhuri (General Chair), Christian A. Alistarh (the best paper author), Shahed Shahir (IEEE Kitchener-Waterloo Section Chair)

Second Place presented to: Mohamed K. Emara, from Carleton University, Ottawa, ‘’A Low-Profile Dual-Band Tunable AMC Structure for GNSS Antennas and Its Performance Trade-Offs’’

Award presented by:  Lot Shafai, ANTEM founder

Second Place

From left: Lot Shafai (Steering Committee Chair), Mohamed K. Emara (the paper uthor), and Mojgan Daneshmand (Award Chair)

Third Place presented to: Nadeem Ashraf, from Concordia University, Montréal, ‘’ End-Launch Horn Antenna Array for Ka-band 5G Applications’’

Award presented by:  Sujeet Chaudhuri, General Chair ANTEM 2018

Third place

From left: Sujeet Chaudhuri (General Chair), Nadeem Ashraf (the paper author)