Scanned Beam Antenna for Aerospace Application

Design, Analysis, Synthesis, and Optimization of Low Profile (Conformal) Electronically Scanned-Beam Array Antennas for Airborne/Aerospace Applications

The main goal of this project is to investigate and demonstrate low profile (conformal) electronically scanned-beam array antennas for airborne applications, offering high performance and reliable communications between the aircraft and the satellite. Two design approaches based on active phased array and tunable engineered reflecting surface technologies are theoretically pursued and the most promising method with a reasonable cost and complexity is demonstrated. Antennas are theoretically designed and their radiation patterns are synthesized and optimized to fulfill the required electrical performances. System analysis is also carried out to assess the robustness of designed antennas in delivering a high quality service.

 Main aspects of the project:

  • Dual band operating frequencies centered at 20 and 30 GHz.
  • Circular polarization.
  • Wide angular scanning range of at least ±60˚.
  • Low side and cross polarization levels.
  • Low profile.
  • Planar and/or conformal configurations.