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Britt AndersonOffice:  Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology building (PAS) 4039
Phone: 519-888-4567 x33056
Webpage: Britt Anderson's website

Appointed to Psychology in Behavioural Neuroscience


PhD, Brown University (2006)
MD, University of Southern California (1984)
BS, University of Arizona (1980)


Dr. Anderson combines computational and empirical approaches in the study of spatial attention and general cognitive ability. His most recent work looks at reaction time patterns in individuals with spatial neglect (a disorder of spatial attention) performing a simple target detection task and tries to account for the results in a Bayesian, probabilistic, framework that incorporates a prior probability for the spatial location of target appearance. In addition, working on datasets that involved multiple simultaneously recorded neurons from awake behaving monkeys, Dr. Anderson employs different data analysis techniques to gain insight into the time scale of neural cooperation. Lastly, Dr. Anderson is exploring how  the processing capacities of neural networks built from biologically inspired elements scale with variations in the number, connections, and reliability of the constituent elements as a way of understanding normal variation in human general cognitive ability.

University of Waterloo

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