Waterloo Public Interest Research Group (WPIRG)

Who we are

WPIRG Board of Directors 2017Board of Directors, 2017-2018

Started in 1973 by undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo, the Waterloo Public Interest Research Group (WPIRG) is a student-run organization that supports students and community members to research, educate and take action on pressing social and environmental justice issues.

Mission statement

WPIRG logoWPIRG’s mission is to foster and support University of Waterloo students and others to research, educate, and take action on environmental and social justice issues while:

  • Motivating community participation and responsibility by encouraging members and others to be concerned, informed, and active in their community.
  • Recognizing the interconnectedness, and pursuing an integrative analysis, of social justice and environmental issues.
  • Respecting and encouraging local and global ecosystem integrity.
  • Encouraging diversity and social equality for all people by opposing all forms of oppression such as those based on gender, “race”, class, sexual orientation, age, cultural heritage/ethnicity, religion, gender orientation, ability and physical appearance.
  • Working in a cooperative and non-hierarchical way, employing a consensus decision-making process and recognizing the necessity of people affected to participate in those processes.

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