Building Peace through Social Innovation


Located in a city with a vibrant and ever-growing social innovation scene, and situated in the Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement on the University of Waterloo campus, the Epp Peace Incubator program offers peace-related initiatives an opportunity to put wheels to their idea. 

The Incubator space is 450 sq ft and contains 6 work stations with windows overlooking the south side of the campus. The Incubator program is a collection of individuals and teams who are passionate about their pursuit of new ways to advance peace.  Most Incubator members come from beyond the University of Waterloo student community, though many are recent graduates.

Thinking and Working Politically

Want to change public policy? Does the success of your venture, and your desired impact, require a government partnership? We know that engaging governments is often a crucial step in the process of achieving systemic change. The Incubator program is making a unique contribution to Waterloo’s innovation ecosystem by equipping start-ups with the ability to think and work politically. The Centre for Peace Advancement draws on the knowledge and experience of our core collaborators and our grounding in the field of peacebuilding to provide this support to Incubator members.

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Who should apply?

Apply to the Epp Peace Incubator if you

  • have an idea that will contribute to the advancement of peace in your community, country or world
  • are part of a team of people who is committed to incubating and testing that idea
  • can commit to being a contributing member of the Centre for Peace Advancement community by having a active presence in our dynamic incubator space


The fee for participating in the Epp Peace Incubator program is $250.00 per month or $1000.00 per semester. Subsidies are available thanks to the generous support of Blue North and other Centre for Peace Advancement donors.  We are also open to negotiating in-kind contributions as an alternative form of payment.

If you are interested in addressing systems change and want to start a conversation about joining our Epp Peace Incubator, contact Paul or Michelle.

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