The following is a list of our prepackaged chemicals. Availability and source of products changes. Ask staff for more information if needed.

Code Product Quantity
CACE01 Acetic acid, glacial 2L
CACE04 Acetic anhydride (1L) 1L
CACE06 Acetone - AR 500ml
CACE05 Acetone - HPLC 4L
CACE02 Acetone - Spec 1L
CACE27 Acetone - ACS 2L
CACE09 Acetone ACS (4L) 4L
CACE26 Acetone-d6 1g
CACE08 Acetonitrile 500ml
CACE10 Acetonitrile - HPLC 1L
CACE15 Acetonitrile - HPLC 4L
CACE03 Acetonitrile, anhydrous - HPLC 4L
CACE13 Deuterated Acetonitrile (1g) 1g
CALU13 Aluminium chloride, anhydrous 500g
CALU15 Aluminum potassium sulphate 500g
CAMM01 Ammonium acetate 500g
CAMM08 Ammonium carbonate - AR 500g
CAMM02 Ammonium chloride 2kg
CAMM12 Ammonium chloride 500g
CAMM14 Ammonium dichromate - AR 500g
CAMM03 Ammonium Fluoride (500g) 500g
CAMM40 Ammonium hydroxide 2.5L
CAMM29 Ammonium persulphate 500g
CAMM28 Ammonium sulphate 500g
CANI01 Aniline - AR 500ml
CBEN05 Benzene 4L
CBEN31 Benzene - AR 500ml
CBEN44 Benzene-d6 1g
CBEN18 Benzoic acid 500g
CBEN22 Benzophenone 500g
CBLE01 Bleach 3.6L
CBOR01 Boric acid 500g
CBUF10 Buffer solution, pH 10 500ml
CBUF04 Buffer solution, pH 4 500ml
CBUF07 Buffer solution, pH 7 500ml
CBUT01 1-butanol 500mL
CBUT03 Butanone (methyl ethyl ketone)-AR 500ml
CBUT10 n-butyl acetate 1L
CCAL04 Calcium carbonate 500g
CCAL28 Calcium chloride, 4-20 mesh, anhydrous 500g
CCAL01 Calcium chloride, dihydrate 500g
CCAL17 Calcium sulphate (plaster of paris) 500g
CCAL18 Calcium sulphate anhydrous (500g) 500g
CCAR13 Carbon disulfide 1L
CCEL01 Celite, 30-80 mesh 500g
CCHA01 Charcoal (decolorizing) 500g
CCHL01 Chlorobenzene 4L
CCHL09 Chloroform - HPLC 4L
CCHL36 Chloroform (1L) 1L
CCHL29 Chloroform-d1 100g
CCIT01 Citric acid, anhydrous 500g
CCOP07 Copper sulphate crystals (cupric sulphate pentahydrate) 500g
CCUP10 Cupric nitrate 500g
CCYC18 Cyclohexane 1L
CCYC19 Cyclohexane - ACS 4L
CCYC06 Cyclohexanone 1L
CDET01 Detergent, Sparkleen 1.5kg
CDEU01 Deuterium oxide 100g
CDIC01 1,2-dichloroethane 4L
CDIC03 1,2-dichloroethane (ethylene dichloride) 500ml
CDIC08 Dichloromethane - HPLC 4L
CDIC34 Dichloromethane - HPLC 1L
CDIE10 Diethyl ether, anhydrous 1L
CDIE13 Diethyl ether, anhydrous 4L
CDIM06 Dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) 1L
CDIM18 Dimethyl-d6 sulphoxide 1g
CDIM14 Dimethylformamide 4L
CDIM21 Dimethylformamide 500ml
CDIM04 Dimethylformamide - HPLC 1L
CDIO04 1,4-dioxane 1L
CDRI01 Drierite 8 mesh 500g
CDRI02 Drierite 8 mesh, indicating 500g
CETH28 Diethyl ether 2L
CETH01 Ethanol - HPLC 4L
CETH25 Ethanol, anhydrous 2L
CETH24 Ethyl acetate 2L
CETH41 Ethyl acetate 4L
CETH53 Ethyl acetate - HPLC 1L
CETH52 Ethylene glycol (1,2-ethanediol) 1L
CEXT01 Extran 300 4L
CFER15 Ferric chloride hexahydrate 500g
CFER19 Ferrous sulphate heptahydrate 500g
CFOR05 Formaldehyde solution - AR 1L
CFOR06 Formaldehyde solution - AR 4L
CFOR01 Formalin (10%, neutral) 4L
CFOR03 Formic acid 500ml
CGLU04 Glucose (dextrose) 500g
CGLY05 Glycerol 1L
CGLY02 Glycine - AR 500g
CHCL01 Hydrochloric acid 2.5L
CHEP01 Heptane 2L
CHEX12 Hexane - HPLC 1L
CHEX13 Hexane - HPLC 4L
CHEX10 Hexanes 2L
CHYD38 Hydrofluoric acid ACS  
CHYD04 Hydrogen Peroxide (4L) 4L
CHYD03 Hydrogen peroxide, 30% 500ml
CIOD02 Iodine 100g
CIOD13 Iodomethane (methyl iodide) 100ml
CISO04 Isopropanol (2-propanol) 2L
CMAG11 Magnesium chloride - AR 500g
CMAG04 Magnesium sulphate, anhydrous 3kg
CMAG05 Magnesium sulphate, anhydrous - AR 500g
CMAL03 Maleic acid 500g
CMET28 Methanol - ACS 500ml
CMET51 Methanol - ACS 2L
CMET56 Methanol - HPLC 4L
CMET43 Methanol-d4 1g
CMET53 Methylene chloride (dichloromethane) 2L
CMET44 Methylene-d2 chloride (dichloromethane) 1g
CMOL07 Molecular sieve 3A 1/8" pellet 500g
CMOL06 Molecular sieve 4A 1/16" pellets 500g
CNIT33 Nitric acid 2.5L
COLE01 Oleic acid, technical 1L
COXA03 Oxalic acid - AR 500g
CPAR05 ParaffinLiquid, heavy - AR 4L
CPAR04 ParaffinLiquid,Light - AR 4L
CPAR01 Paraformaldehyde 500g
CPEN05 Pentane - AR 1L
CPEN04 Pentane - HPLC 4L
CPER05 Perchloric acid, 70% 500ml
CPET03 Petroleum Ether (4L) 4L
CPET02 Petroleum ether 35-60 2L
CPET01 Petroleum ether 60-80 4L
CPHE31 Phenol 500g
CPHO09 Phosphoric acid 2.5L
CPOL03 Polyethylene glycol no.400 1Lb
CPOT01 Potassium acetate 1Lb
CPOT79 Potassium bromide 25g
CPOT16 Potassium carbonate, anhydrous 500g
CPOT72 Potassium chloride 500g
CPOT28 Potassium ferrocyanide 500g
CPOT33 Potassium hydroxide 500g
CPOT41 Potassium iodide 500g
CPOT43 Potassium nitrate 500g
CPOT77 Potassium permanganate 500g
CPOT50 Potassium persulphate 500g
CPOT78 Potassium phosphate dibasic 500g
CPOT48 Potassium phosphate monobasic 500g
CPOT53 Potassium phosphate tribasic (500g) 500g
CPRO02 2-Propanol ACS (4L) 4L
CPRO01 Isopropanol (2-propanol) - HPLC 1L
CPRO09 Isopropanol (2-propanol) - HPLC 4L
CPRO04 n-propanol 500ml
CPYR10 Pyridine 1L
CPYR01 Pyridine-d5 1g
CSAN01 Sand 500g
CSAN02 Sand 2.5kg
CSIL21 Silica gel 60, 230-400 mesh 2kg
CSOA01 Super neutral pH cleaner 2L
CSOD08 Sodium acetate 500g
CSOD57 Sodium acetate trihydrate 500g
CSOD91 Sodium azide 100g
CSOD83 Sodium bisulphite 500g
CSOD89 Sodium borate 500g
CSOD34 Sodium carbonate, anhydrous 500g
CSOD37 Sodium carbonate, hydrated 500g
CSOD39 Sodium chloride 500g
CSOD96 Sodium chloride 2.5kg
CSOD40 Sodium chloride disks (unpolished) Each
CSOD70 Sodium dichromate - AR 100g
CSOD60 Sodium hydrogen carbonate (sodium bicarbonate) 500g
CSOD20 Sodium hydroxide 500g
CSOD97 Sodium nitrite 500g
CSOD32 Sodium phosphate dibasic, hydrated 500g
CSOD78 Sodium sulphate anhydrous, powder 2.5kg
CSOD79 Sodium sulphate, granular 500g
CSOD81 Sodium sulphate, granular 2.5kg
CSOD15 Sodium sulphite, anhydrous 500g
CSOD17 Sodium thiosulphate anhydrous 500g
CSTA06 Stannous chloride 500g
CSUC03 Sucrose 500g
CSUL08 Sulphuric acid 2.5L
CTET05 Tetrahydrofuran 4L
CTET01 Tetramethylsilane 50g
CTHI09 Thiourea 500g
CTOL12 para-toluene sulfonic acid 500g
CTOL13 Toluene 500ml
CTOL03 Toluene - HPLC 1L
CTOL05 Toluene - OmniSolve 4L
CTOL01 Toluene - reagent 2L
CTOL10 Toluene-d8 1g
CTRI12 2,2,4-trimethylpentane (iso-octane) 1L
CTRI02 Trichloroethylene 500ml
CTRI16 Triethylamine 500ml
CTRI31 Trifluoroacetic acid 100ml
CTRI17 Tri-sodium citrate - dehydrate (Tri-sodium citrate, dihydrate (500g)) 500g
CURE02 Urea 500g
CXYL06 Xylene 4L
CXYL05 Xylenes 500ml
CZIN01 Zinc chloride, granular - AR 500g
FHYD01 Hydrofluoric cream - calcium gluconate (60g) 60g

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