Welcome to Chem Stores

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If you would still like to place an email order and schedule a pick-up time, or need a pickup time outside of these hours, we can accommodate you. See the instructions below.

Please continue to work with your lab to keep trips to once per day, and an email order for any large orders is still appreciated.

Dry ice and liquid nitrogen are available Monday to Friday during open hours and by email appointment.

For Waste drop-off, please see the Safety Office webpage for updated instructions. December Holiday closures: Last day for main campus waste pick up and drop off is Tuesday, December 20th. See the Safety Office main page for more information about the December Holiday Laboratory Shutdown.

Email ordering only

  • To order supplies, fill in the Chem Stores order form (MS Word) to ghbelford@uwaterloo.ca, vmiskovi@uwaterloo.caas well as your supervisor. All regular University of Waterloo account and lab information will be required, and this form will replace the need for a signature upon pickup.
  • We will email you back with confirmation and your scheduled pickup time.
  • We will be taking only one order per lab per operational day, so please coordinate with your lab members when ordering supplies.

If you scheduled a pickup time

  • Please send only one group member to pick up the lab’s order. 

  • Come only during your scheduled time. If the pickup is outside the front counter hours, please follow the instructions on the door.

  • Please bring a cart to pick up large orders in order to ensure safety and social distancing. For small orders, a cart may not be necessary.

  • As with all orders, please be prompt to your arranged pickup time, as a missed appointment will result in a rescheduled time the following work day. We are working towards minimizing customer traffic to remove the risk of exposure to Covid.

  • Follow instructions on the door if your pickup time falls outside of the open counter hours.