Please provide a proper container to transport water. Alternatively, a variety of containers are available for purchase if a suitable container with a lid is not already owned. Production of these water types is very expensive. Please do not waste it or use it for cooling purposes.

There are two types of water available through Chem Stores: Deionized and Ultra-pure.

Deionized water

This grade of water is available in most laboratories in Earth Sciences & Chemistry (ESC) and Chemistry 2 (C2) buildings. Two "Biopure Series 4400 Single Pass Reverse Osmosis" systems are used to generate the deionized water. The machines are operated, maintained, and tested by Chem Stores. Deionized water is available at Chem Stores for those who do not have access to it in their buildings or labs.

Ultra-pure water

The Milli-Q® Advantage A10 Water Purification System is used to deliver type 1 water quality. Its filter system removes ions, organic molecules, and other impurities.

Comparison of water types

Deionized Ultra-pure
Total dissolved solids (ppm) 0.5 - 5 0
Electrical conductivity (μS/cm) 1 - 10 0.0555 - 0.1
Electrical resistivity (MΩ.cm) 0.02 - 1 10 - 18