Dr. Christopher M. Lee

Chris Lee Photo​Program: PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience

Research: Context reinstatement reconsidered: Investigating boundary conditions of the effect

Dr. Melissa Meade

Melissa Meade

​Program: PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience

Research: The benefits and boundary conditions of drawing on episodic memory


Dr. Jeffrey Wammes

Jeff WammesProgram: PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience

Research: Mnemonic benefits of drawing

Bethany Delleman

​Program: Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience

Research: Influence of anxiety on memory and confidence 

Bethany Delleman

Astrid Aernoudts

Program: Visiting International Research InternLeiden University, Netherlands 

Research: Language representation in bilinguals: shared or separate representation?

Dr. Fahad Ahmad

Fahad Ahmad

Program: Research associate, PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at Wilfred Laurier University

Research: Associative memory in younger and older adults


Dr. Shahnaz Koji

Shahnaz with papersProgram: PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience

Research: Effect of emotional backgrounds on the perception of and memory for faces


Dr. Jennifer Tomaszczyk

Jennifer TomacyyzkProgram: PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience

Research: Effect of attention on memory for emotional pictures in younger and older adults


Dr. Lana Ozen

Lana OzenProgram: PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience

Research: Lana Ozen has been examining persistent attention and working memory deficits in high-functioning young adults who have experienced a mild head injury in their past (Attention and Working Memory Deficits Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury)

Dr. Erin Skinner

Erin SkinnerProgram: PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience

Research:cErin examines how changing the context in which something is studied changes the subsequent retrieval of that item, how age-related changes in cognitive processing affect recognition, and uses fMRI to examine the neural correlates of memory.

Dr. Stacey L. Danckert

Stacey L. DanckertProgram: PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience

Research: Understanding the neural activity involved in novelty processing, as well as replicating and extending the work of Jacoby et al. (2005).

Harm Kelly

Harm KellyProgram: Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience

Research: Relationship between cardiovascular health and the brain in the aging population.




Tracee J. Francis

Program: Masters of Science

Research: Memory in bilinguals

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