Honours Thesis Students

Year Student Name Topic
2020 Sihan Zhang Words or Symbolic Images: How Do Young Adults Process Emojis?
2018 Victoria Garner Paired-Associate memory in Older and Younger adults
2017 Lorielle Dietze Memory in Bilingual Individuals: A Continuation of the Shared and Separate Debate
2016 Brady Roberts

Drawing with your eyes: Extending Mnemonics

2016 Harpreet Grewal Memory for Maps: Seeing vs. Doing
2016 Alex Moniz A Survey of Older Adults' Perspectives on Research in Aging
2016 Graham Schwoob Does Content Matter? An Investigation of Drawing Relevancy and its Effect on Recall
2016 Grace Lim

Role of encoding context in protecting memories from negative effects of divided attention

2014 Tyler Good Remote mild traumatic brain injury and normal age-related changes in memory
2014 Robin Leung Can Age-Related Differences in Face-Name Memory be alleviated?
2012 Bri Groot Investigating an attentional locus for deficits in destination memory in older adults.
2011 Niron Khan Context-Specific brain networks reactivated during retrieval.
2011 Bethany Delleman Effect of anxiety on Memory and Confidence.
2011 Leah Henderson, Alison Maksymchak & Yayah Remtulla Developing a language learning software.
2010 Jessica Wuergler Memory for Face-Name Associations.
2009 Ethan Miller Techniques to aid memory in the real world.
2008 Annalisa Minniti Context Effects on Perception & Memory using virtual reality.
2007 Shahnaz Koji The effect of Emotion on Perception and Memory for Faces Interfering with visuo-spatial representations during retrieval.
2007 Emma Guild Interfering with visuo-spatial representations during retrieval.
2006 Stephanie Waechter Effects of Non- Linguistic Competition in Dichotic Listening.
2006 Rachel Hepburn Autobiographical memories in younger and older adults .
2005 Karen Carter Verbal and Nonverbal Competing Stimuli in Dichotic Listening.
2005 Allison Andres Effect of Presentation Duration in a Global- Local Task.


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