In July 2017, we're putting some of our treasures on display as part of a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Faculty of Mathematics.

On July 4, Eric Manning, Scott Campbell and Trevor Grove will be talking as part of Hardware Day (videos will be added here). Immediately after the talks, we'll open the exhibit in the Math and Computer building, room 3011. Until July 14 you can come and see:

  • Panels from the IBM 1620 and IBM System/360 Model 75--two critical computers from the 1960s.
  • SuperPET and a SuperPET emulator, so you can go back to the early 1980s and learn to program BASIC, FORTRAN, APL, COBOL, or Pascal.
  • Vintage microcomputers, terminals, slide rules, and computer storage devices
  • A 3D tour of the Red Room

Normal visiting hours are 10am to noon, but contact us at computer.museum@uwaterloo.ca to arrange a tour.

If you have any donations, feel free to drop them off as well or get in touch.


How — and why — the MFCF came to be, why the bun was selected, and related tales from the crypt
Eric Manning, F.IEEE, FEIC, P.Eng [ret], & Professor and Dean Emeritus, University of Victoria Engineering Founding Director, University of Waterloo ICR
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Why hardware matters: From the red room to the Computer Museum
Scott Campbell, Director, Centre for Society, Technology and Values, University of Waterloo
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University of Waterloo SuperPET development: A view from the trenches
Trevor Grove, University of Waterloo Computer Museum, University of Waterloo
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