Culture at Work Lab


Welcome to the Culture and the Workplace Lab website! The Culture and the Workplace lab is located at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and is led by Dr. Wendi Adair.

Our lab investigates issues arising in multicultural workplaces and international ventures where people raised with different worldviews and communication norms face interdependent challenges including negotiation, conflict management, teamwork, and decision making. We conduct both lab and field studies, employing both experimental and quasi-experimental designs. We publish our research in both academic and practitioner journals, and disseminate our findings in organizational and virtual settings. Please have a look through our website to learn more about our main research areas, Indigenous Workways, Conflict Dynamics in Diverse Workplaces, Global Work Teams, Intercultural Communication as well as other opportunities associated with the Culture at Work lab.


  • Wendi Adair, Catherine Kwantes and team were awarded an Ontario Research Fund – Research Excellence grant for “Indigenous Workways: Creating Cultures of Trust via Effective Communication, Building Relationships, and a Climate for Cultural Safety for Indigenous Employees in Ontario and Canada” from 2018-2023. Please refer to our Indigenous Workways page for more information.

  • Catherine Kwantes, Wendi Adair, Jeffery Hewitt (University of Windsor Law School) and team were awarded a SSHRC Insight Grant to fund “Indigenous Workways: Cultural Safety, Cultures of Trust and Psychologically Safe Work Places” from 2018 –2021. Please refer to our Indigenous Workways page for more information.

  • The Culture at Work Lab was pleased to participate in the 24th Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology held in Guelph, Ontario in July of 2018, holding symposiums such as: Creating Space for an Indigenous Work Psychology: Situating Work (Part 1) and Lived Experiences of Work (Part 2). 

  • We are looking for Volunteer Research Assistant to run studies and analyze data. Please visit our Join the Lab page for more information and to access our Research Assistant Form.