Former Members

The following are students who have contributed to Dr. Adair's Culture at Work Lab and are continuing careers in related areas. Their contributions are valued and they will be missed!

Graduate Students

Jaydum Hunt, (M.A.Sc., 2022): Bringing Indigenous Voices to the Workplace (co-supervised with Kathy Absolon)

Muriel Tang, (MASc, 2022): “I” or “We” When Delivering Bad News? The Effects of Self-Construal on Interpersonal and Informational Justice

Chloe Addie, (M.A.Sc., 2020): Conflict Management Preferences Among Indigenous Employees in Southwestern Ontario

Alexa Dewhirst, (M.A.Sc., 2020): Features of Conflict Situations that Inform Culturally Appropriate Apology

Anika Sehgal (M.A.Sc., 2019):  Indigenous peoples in the workplace: A qualitative metaanalysis examining unemployment and workplace experiences among Indigenous populations in English speaking countries

Sylvie Wiseman (M.A.Sc., 2018): The impact of culture on relationship repair in negotiation

Lindie Hanyu Liang, (Ph.D., 2016): hen Should We Disagree? The Effect of Conflict on Team Identity in North American and East Asian Teams

Thiam Phouthonephackdy, (M.A., 2016):Diversity climate perceptions and employee turnover intentions: The importance of racial group identification.

Aimy Racine, (M.A., 2016)Cultural identity integration at work: Effects of identity conflict on role conflict perceptions and exhaustion

Zhaleh Semnani-Azad, (Ph.D., 2015): Reading your Counterpart: Culture, Meaning, and Function of Nonverbal Behavior in Negotiation;
(M.A., 2010): When You’re Happy and You Know It: Canadian and Chinese Negotiators’ Nonverbal Expression of Engagement, Status, and Partner EvaluationTracy

Tracy X. Xiong, (Ph.D., 2015):  Culture and Creativity: Understanding the Role of Uncertainty Avoidance and Multicultural Experience;
(M.A., 2012): Message Order and Culture: The Relationship between Cognitive Thinking Styles, Response Mode, and Order Effects

Pylin Chuapetcharasopon, (Ph.D., 2014): Culture and Creativity: Understanding the Role of Uncertainty Avoidance and Multicultural Experience; (M.A., 2012): Message Order and Culture: The Relationship between Cognitive Thinking Styles, Response Mode, and Order Effects

Franki Kung, (M.A,. 2014): When cultures collide and synergize: the role of cultural essentialism in intercultural negotiations

Omar Ganai, (M.A., 2012): Unpacking four forms of third culture in multicultural teams

Zhenhua Wang, (M.A.Sc., 2010): The Interplay of Culture, Self-Construal, and Decision Context in Escalation of Commitment

Michelle Castaldi, (M.A.Sc., 2009): Mapping Chinese and Canadian Reactions to Similarity and Consistency in Cross-Cultural Negotiation

Marianna Soraggi, (M.A.Sc., 2008): Emotions on the Cross-Cultural Table: The Impact of Anxiety on Negotiation Relationships and Outcomes

Jenesis Squires, (M.A.Sc., 2008): Cultural priming and behavioral tasks

Lab Managers

Keerthana Cathiresan (2018)

Chloe Addie (2017)

Esmeralda Siddarta (2016)

Olivia Rodriguez (2013)

Undergraduate Honours Thesis Students

Emmanuella Okwu (2022): The impact of racial micro aggressions on interpersonal trust in the workplace

Adam Adivi (2019): Explaining Cultural Differences in Relationship Restoration

Le Wang (2019): Exploring the Effects of Temporality on Negotiation Outcome Predictors

Emily Bissada (2018)
Thesis title: Predicting first offers in negotiation with speech rate and spatial context dependence.

Keerthana Cathiresan (2018)
Thesis title: Relational Cues Impacting the First Offer in a Negotiation: Moderated by an Individual's Relationship Context Dependence.

Gin Zhang (2017)
Thesis title: Emotion Perception in Emails: Effect of Context Dependence and Culture

Ruxandra Badea (2016)
Thesis title: A Qualitative Analysis of “Sharing Knowledge-Building Relationships: Aboriginal Experiences in the Cross-Cultural Workplace” Conference.

Grace Hu (2016)
Thesis title:How Does Lateness Affect Final Offers? The Mediating Effect of Anger in Negotiations

Elena Kazakevic (2016)
Thesis title: A First Look at Stereotype Threat in East-West Negotiations

Kirsty Chen (2013) 
Thesis title: Cross-Cultural Communication: Development and Validation of a Coding Scheme for Measuring Dimensions of Leader and Subordinate Communication Outcomes.

Arthur Au-Yeung (2012)
Thesis title: Achieving Effective Communication: Leadership Categorization Theory and Leader-Subordinate Communication.

Theresa Chu (2012)
Thesis title: Culture and reactions to upward social influence strategies.

Julie Kim (2012)
Thesis title: How culture and role moderate the effect of regulatory focus on negotiator behaviour.

Stacy Chan (2011)
Thesis title: Culture and reciprocity: The role of gratitude vs. obligation.

Doan Tam Le (2011) 
Thesis title: The effect of culture and context on escalation of commitment in a puzzle task.

Thiam Phouthonephackdy (2011)
Thesis title: Power arguments in cross-cultural negotiation

Vicki Ho (2010)
Thesis title: Communication and social interaction style: Effects of culture on reactions to feedback from group members

Dan van der Werf (2010)
Thesis title: The effect of culture and context on escalation of commitment in a decision making task

Ana Arriaza (2009)
Thesis title: Developing a taxonomy of nonverbal cues in cross-cultural negotiations

Daniel Iwasama (2009)
Thesis title: Interpretation of ambiguous nonverbal cues in cross-cultural encounters

Meghan Gallaway (2008)
Thesis title: Code-switching, conflict, and depletion in monoculturals

Stephanie Mills (2007)
Thesis title: Code-switching, conflict, and depletion in cross-cultural encounters