Conflict Dynamics in Diverse Workplaces

Our research on culture and conflict management focuses on the decision making process, or, what goes on during a dyadic or group negotiation. In the context of transactional negotiation, we examine how negotiators act and react to one another, how these patterns are influenced by national culture, and how they change when someone negotiates across cultures. In the area of decision making, we examine how culture influences susceptibility to common cognitive biases such as the endowment effect or escalation of commitment.  In the case of workplace conflict, parties often come to the table with high emotion, often feeling wronged; they may not expect to reach a deal; and communication is typically constrained. Because conversations in conflict negotiations are oftentimes centered more around persuading the other party to see one’s point of view than around sharing information, we use this context to study the use of influence and persuasion strategies in negotiation.