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Hands being shaken infront of a map of the world.The Culture at Work lab conducts research projects in collaboration with local businesses. We also develop and deliver training programs on negotiation, teamwork, diversity and inclusivity, and various topics related to the multicultural workplace.

Dr. Adair offers a range of workshops as well as custom programs designed to tackle the challenges of negotiation, multicultural teams, and conflict management in organizations.

All programs developed and delivered through the lab are grounded in organizational psychology and integrate Dr. Adair's empirical research. Workshops include an opportunity for participants to practice and apply their skills in workplace simulations and are available in half- and full-day increments, for up to 3 days.


Negotiation is interactive decision making, a process that managers and employees engage in on a daily basis. A solid grasp of negotiation fundamentals will give you the skills necessary to initiate and craft agreements with others across multiple domains of worklife.

Multicultural Teams

In today’s workplace, multicultural teams are the norm. Understanding the impact of culture on team dynamics and learning how to manage and work in a multicultural group is critical for maximizing team and individual performance, enhancing group member satisfaction, and establishing optimal organizational outcomes.

Conflict Resolution

Workplace conflict can pose a significant problem to organizational and team dynamics, but can also provide opportunities for growth, communication and team building. Thus, it is essential that employees and managers improve their understanding of, and ability to approach and resolve conflict.

Recent Consulting Projects

Emotional Labour in Intercultural Service Encounters: Reducing Emotional Exhaustion & Improving Satisfaction among Nurses at Bumrungrad International. White Paper, 2013. Dr. Wendi Adair & Pylin Chuapetcharasopon, University of Waterloo, Culture At Work Lab

Powernoodle as a tool for Creative Virtual Teamwork, a University-Local Business collaborative research project & White Paper, 2011. University of Waterloo, Culture At Work Lab.

Training program on Understanding Diversity for University of Waterloo Organizational and Human Development, 2010.

Training program on Inclusive Communication for University of Waterloo Organizational and Human Development, 2010.

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