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  1. July 29, 2021Wally and Deanna’s Groundwater Adventure has recently been translated into Chinese!

    YingYing is a postdoctoral fellowship working at the Groundwater Geochemistry and Remediation Group in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Waterloo, and is a volunteer at The Groundwater Project!

  2. Mar. 24, 2021Quinn Worthington Wins Amit and Meena Chakma Award for Exceptional Teaching by a Student
    Quinn Worthington

  3. Dec. 10, 2020Explore the Water Cycle with Wally and Deanna
    Wally the Worm and Deanna Waterdroplet

    You can now watch and listen to Wally and Deanna's water cycle adventure online! Follow Wally the Worm and Deanna Waterdroplet as they travel to the saturated zone and further.

    Wally and Deanna use accurate terminology to describe their journey and explain how water droplets, like Deanna, travel from the sky to the ground, to an aquifer, to rivers and back up to the sky. This book and our new video are the perfect introduction for young children to the water cycle! 

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Madison MacGillivray in Nature

Madison MacGillivray

Museum Communications/Collections Research Assistant (Winter 2021)

I am a second year student studying Environmental Science with a specialization in Geoscience. I have a strong passion for the Earth and how landscapes were formed and change around us. I hope to bring more of the Earth Science Museum online as Covid-19 persists.