Coming Soon: Mistaken Point Display

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A new feature for the museum is coming in the near future!

We have been in the process of planning a cast of the Mistaken Point fossil site in Newfoundland (the site is located on the southeastern tip of the island of Newfoundland). The Mistaken Point fossil assemblage contains evidence of the oldest forms of complex life ever found on earth.  The fossils are of soft-bodied creatures that lived 575 to 542 million years ago at the bottom of the ocean. The site is currently considered a World Heritage site.

Learn more about the Mistaken Point fossil assemblage

The fibreglass replica of the unique fossils will be made using a mold of the Point’s surface by Research Casting International. It will be mounted on the wall across from the Great Lakes fountain. Completion of the display is expected in May 2013. Check back for an update from us about the status of this display!