Ecohydrology Outreach

We are proud to give back and share our research with the community. Here are some of the ways we are achieving our outreach goals.

Let's Talk Science

The Ecohydrology Group has created a teaching kit for the water cycle called "It's Hydro-logical" for the Let's Talk Science program. The kit has six different activities designed to teach 3rd to 8th graders about the water cycle and water related issues. It is delivered to classrooms with a presenter to teach students about these issues. If you are interested in having the kit come to your school or classroom please contact Heather Neufeld or visit the community outreach page at the University of Waterloo.

Science Open House

Since 2012, the Ecohydrology research group has been active in the University of Waterloo's Science Open House, presenting our Let's Talk Science kit, "It's Hydrological." In the Fall 2012 Open House, we also presented our work on the Flood Pulse Experiment in the Beverly Swamp, which was taking place at the time. Look for us every year at University of Waterloo's Science Open House where we present water-related activities and research.

All Science Challenge and Science Fairs

Ecohydrology group members participated in the All Science Challenge at the University of Waterloo which features a stimulating question- and- answer period and fun hands-on design activities that inspire grades 6, 7 and 8 students to acquire science knowledge beyond their existing curriculum. In addition, our group members have participated in local  high school science fairs as judges.