1st International Conference on Water Security

Sunday, June 17, 2018 (all day)

The 1st International Conference on Water Security will be held in Toronto, Ontario. The conference complements the launch of Elsevier's new journal on Water Security

Themes and topics:

  • How do water governance, institutions, aging infrastructure and finance come together to achieve water security in the developed world?
  • The science of integrated water management (smart watersheds, water services, agricultural, energy, minerals and other use systems, environmental flows, legacies, collaborative governance, BMPs)
  • Climate, renewable energy, economic development and demographic change and migration: challenges or opportunities for regional water security. Water security and conflict (either transboundary water cooperation or armed conflict and water)
  • Urban water security
  • Technological innovation and big data for water security: emerging directions and prospects
  • Indigenous and hybrid knowledge systems, common-pool resource systems, and perspectives in water security
  • Sustainable development, ecosystems and human health as water security objectives
  • Water and health

For more information about the conference, see the event posting on the Earth and Environmental Sciences webpage, and the article on the Water Institute's webpage.

Please register for the conference through Elsevier's website.