Shengde Yu

PhD Student
Shengde Yu

Curriculum Vitae

Office: PHY 3017

Phone: 519-888-4567 ext. 31327


Start Date:  September 2020

I am Shengde Yu, a PhD student specializing in the multidisciplinary field of ecohydrology. My research intersects the fields of water management, climate change, and data science, focusing on the pressing issue of water quality in the face of rapid population growth and climate change. Using advanced modeling tools and big data, I aim to understand, predict, and address the impacts of global dam construction and reservoir management on water quality and greenhouse gas emissions.

Research Highlights:

  1. Global Dam Impact Assessment: I assess the implications of global dam construction on water quality, greenhouse gas emissions, and dam outflow regulations using advanced modeling tools.
  2. GRM Database Development: I have developed a user-friendly modeling database, GRM, that integrates data from global existing big databases.
  3. Water Quality Modeling: I generate simplified reservoir bathymetries, long-term water discharge, water temperature, and daily meteorological data for direct use in water quality models like CE-QUAL-W2.
  4. Phosphorus Loading Study: I developed a two-dimensional model using CE-QUAL-W2 software to analyze phosphorus availability and its relation to external and internal loading.
  5. Machine Learning Application: I aim to leverage machine learning and big data in ecohydrology, particularly in developing fast and feasible water quality modeling applications.

My work aims to bridge the gap between global reservoir datasets and water quality modeling research, setting the stage for investigating potential biogeochemical responses in global reservoirs due to climate change. It serves as a resource for practitioners, aiding in understanding and navigating climate change challenges in water quality management.

Advisory Committee

Supervisor: Dr. Philippe Van Cappellen (U of Waterloo)
Committee Member: Dr. Andrea Brookfield (U of Waterloo)
Committee Member: Dr. Chris Parsons ((Environment and Climate Change Canada))
Committee Member: Dr. Helen Jarvie (U of Waterloo)
Committee Member: Dr. Nandita Basu (U of Waterloo)