Chinese organizations

  • The CSA Coalition is a national network of ecological farm owners, researchers, research institutes and social organizations to support the development of medium and small ecological farms.
  • The Centre for Chinese Agriculture Policy (CCAP), a publically funded academic organization based in Beijing, has been one of the key research institutes in China that investigates agricultural and rural development policies. They provide policy recommendations and consultations to China’s central government.
  • The Organic Food Development Centre (OFDC) is a public sector non-academic organization based in Nanjing and the most reputable organic certification agency in China. It is at the forefront of advocacy for organic agriculture in the form of training, engaging in policy research, promotion of organic standards and technology, and providing support to government decision makers.
  • The Liang Shuming Centre for Rural Reconstruction (LRRC), a non-academic not-for-profit organization based in Beijing, has been providing support for new farmers undertaking agroecological farming ventures in many parts of China through their strong network among alternative food initiatives.
  • Based in Hong Kong, Partnerships for Community Development (PCD) was one of the first organizations to promote ecological agriculture practices among small peasant farmers in China.
  • Organic Slow Life magazine (OSL), a not-for-profit magazine based in Nanjing, provides information about organic farming and food to private sector stakeholders (e.g., organic industry entrepreneurs, producers, and retailers) and organic food consumers.