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Möbius is a robust online authoring and delivery environment specifically designed for the needs of STEM classrooms.

Features and functionality

Mobius includes a rich suite of tools and features for authors looking to design and develop digital assets for their students or peers, and a delivery environment that enables and promotes deep and active learning for users through the combination of instructional material with hands-on activities. 

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Cost No cost
Recommended class size Unlimited
LEARN integrations
Known limitations N/A
Level of support Centrally licensed and managed
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"Mobius is a content delivery and assessment platform ideal for STEM courses, although it can be used in many other disciplines too.  The main advantage to Mobius is the existence of interactive, algorithmic questions and activities that allows students to  practice on an essentially unlimited number of problems. I’ve used Mobius in math and finance courses for years. Students report they like the instant feedback the system provides and my experience is that it definitely improves learning. Mobius works well when building online active learning content."

- Peter Wood, Faculty of Mathematics

Campus support

University of Waterloo Mobius support team

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