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The Peer Evaluation, Assessment and Review (PEAR) application is an online platform developed at the University of Guelph that helps instructors facilitate the peer review process and/or the group assessment process.

Peer Review: Students/users/groups submit a draft to receive feedback on the submission from other students/users

Group Assessment: Group members evaluate each other as contributors to group work or a group project

Features and functionality

  • Individual or group assignments are possible
  • Allows peer assessment of group member performance
  • Optional and flexible project stages
  • Submission start, due, late and release dates
  • Accepting and tracking of submissions of multiple documents and formats throughout the stages of the project
  • Assignment and distribution of submissions to peer-reviewers (anonymously if desired) and/or instructors
  • Email confirmation and notifications throughout the process
  • Instructor created grading forms which can be reused and shared between projects and their stages
  • Allows for self-assessment
  • Grade calculation and export
  • Allows group members to evaluate each other's performance

Tool guide

Cost No cost to instructors or students
Recommended class size Can be used for any class sized 25 to 2000 students
LEARN integrations
  • Instructors can add a link to PEAR in their LEARN course for easy for students
  • Relatively easy upload of .csv file from PEAR to import grades in LEARN
Known limitations
  • Recommended max file size for submission is 25 MB
  • Limited to five PEAR projects per course, per term
Level of support

Centrally managed, tech and admin support provided by LEARNHelp

Privacy & Security  

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"Peer review is an indispensable tool for student learning. However, organizing the peer review process can be time-consuming and cumbersome for instructors. PEAR makes the process quick and easy, saving instructors valuable time."

- Katie Plaisance, Department of Knowledge Integration, Faculty of Environment

Support for instructors

Technical or admin support

Effective use of PEAR

Contact your CTE Liaison for support about peer review, group assessment, or effective use of PEAR

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