New requests for WebEx will be redirected to Zoom or Teams, unless there is a requirement that only WebEx will meet. WebEx usage and support may be reviewed again before the current licence agreement expires in December 2022.

About this tool

Cisco WebEx is a comprehensive audio-video conferencing platform for remote work, providing solutions for online teaching (with LEARN integration), administrative meetings, and webinars.

Features and functionality

WebEx Meetings is designed to provide a live online space for meetings, classroom conversations, and other collaborative meetings. Members of the audience can open their mic and speak at any time, they don’t need permission from the host. The key features of WebEx Meetings include:

  • Instructor’s audio/video
  • Slide Presentation
  • Whiteboard
  • Chat, public or private
  • Distributed multimedia link
  • Mute/unmuted audience microphones/cameras
  • Role assignments
  • Recordings
  • Telephone call in
  • 1000 seats capacity
  • Waiting lobby room
  • Transcription of video
  • Streaming to popular streaming services such as, YouTube, vBrick, IBM, etc.
  • Virtual background/blurred background
  • Ordered and sorted hand raising
  • Faster /slower playback of recordings
  • Push to talk with space bar key to mute/umute mic
  • Breakout rooms
  • Co-host
  • Polling
  • Classroom feedback

Tool guide

Cost No cost
Recommended class size Seat capacities up to 1,000
LEARN integrations Instructors can embed a link to WebEx in their course
Known limitations N/A
Level of support Centrally licensed and managed
Privacy & Security

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How your peers are using this tool

Webex was a very important platform in our high-enrollment, multi-section introductory classes that ran synchronously in-person and online. With the user-friendly interface, students online and in-class can interact with each other and the instructor in both small and large group settings. The chat function, real-time polling, and breakout rooms allow for a variety of student engagement activities to provide feedback and promote learning. Being directly integrated with our course LEARN site, it was easy for students and instructors to schedule meetings and provide straightforward access to recordings of each session.

- Laura Ingram, Department of Chemistry

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