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Notice: 2016 Battery Rules Changes for 12 V Race

Saturday, November 14, 2015

As had been alluded to in the What to Expect: 2016 EV Challenge news post, the EV Challenge team has officially decided to change the 12 V race battery from the Optima yellow top D34 to the Optima yellow top SC35DA. Teams that opt to use a different brand or model may do so provided its weight is less than 36.5 lb.

This change will be in effect for the June 2016 Electric Vehicle Challenge. Standardizing the batteries used across all the races will, over time, reduce costs for teams and decrease overhead. In addition, the smaller battery will increase the competitiveness for the 12 V competition: teams have historically done very well in the race, so a smaller battery (with a smaller capacity) should increase the challenge of the 12 V race.


  • 24 V race sees no changes. Continue to abide by the 2015 Race Rules.
  • 12 V race will adopt the same battery requirements as the 24 V race (with all requirements scaled for a single battery).
    • Recommended make/model: Optima yellow top SC35DA
    • Other makes and models acceptable, so long as they are commercially-available AGM or gel type 12 V batteries and weight less than 36.5 lb.
  • All other battery requirements still in effect: e.g., commercially-available, no modifications permitted, AGM or gel-type only.
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