Waterloo Engineering launches $70 million fundraising campaign

Friday, April 17, 2015

Educating the engineer of the future campaign with tagline, "the future is in our hands" text laid over a hand holding 3d printed bone
For nearly 60 years, innovation has been a hallmark of Waterloo Engineering. By delivering education in a unique way, we transformed how engineers learn, preparing them to tackle the truly difficult problems. We’ve created an environment that allows students to reach their full potential and live their aspirations.

The Educating the Engineer of the Future fundraising campaign is a critical initiative to ensure we continue to transform our education model to prepare engineers for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. We are focused on four fundraising priorities:

Build Engineering 7 (E7)

Seven stories and 230,000 square feet of new facilities for students and faculty  along with space to house some of the best research facilities in the world including an additive manufacturing (3D printing) laboratory and an indoor flight center for testing autonomous and robotic vehicles.  To accommodate major undergraduate growth, E7 will provide teaching and laboratory facilities for our new biomedical engineering and expanded mechatronics engineering programs.  

Expand student experience

Help our students fulfill their aspirations and reach their potential by funding and supporting design-and-build initiatives, and enhancing undergraduate scholarships.

Establish chairs in emerging technologies

New research groups led by distinguished Research Chairs will enable Waterloo Engineering to support development of emerging and disruptive technologies and train experts who will take on major technological and societal challenges to create a better world.

Increase graduate scholarships

To attract the best and brightest engineering minds we will increase the number of graduate scholarships.  

Learn more about the Campaign

As part of the Educating the Engineer of the Future fundraising campaign we have launched Engineerthefuture.ca. This microsite features many remarkable stories about our Waterloo Engineering students, graduates, researchers and faculty members. While our world requires leaders from all disciplines, it especially needs leaders in technology.  It’s engineers who have the skills and knowledge to be these leaders – and Waterloo Engineering has always prepared its graduates to tackle the truly difficult problems. This campaign site will share those experiences and offer insights into the innovations from within Waterloo Engineering.