Starting a team can be relatively straightforward. To ensure the greatest chance of success:

  • Ensure there is a committed technology teacher who can supervise welding and construction.
  • Advertise the club to the student body and build interest. While it's possible for teams to be successful with only a handful of students, the most successful teams are large and interdisciplinary — with teams for the electrical systems, mechanical systems, and sponsorship.
  • Begin to acquire sponsorship for the team.
    • Teams will need to acquire stock material, wiring, and other small components. Overall costs to build a car can be $1000-2000. Again, the EV Challenge Committee can offer guidance on acquiring this sponsorship.

Battery for new schools

The University of Waterloo will donate one battery to new school registering for the EV Challenge.

Getting a car working at all in a single year is a challenge. As a result, conditional on accepting the battery, teams are limited to compete only in the 12 V race in their first year. Teams that attempt to be competitive in both races are more likely to run out of time and not compete in any race.

Teams who accept the battery are expected to attend the Fall Kickoff Race to get tips from experienced teams. They are also expected to attend the Waterloo EV Challenge in the Spring, even if they do not have a completed car, to get feedback on their progress.

For more information about getting a battery for your school, contact Peter Teertstra, Race Director.