Spending funding

Options for Spending Funding

There are two major ways to receive funding through WEEF:

1) You purchase the item and WEEF reimburses you. Please see Submitting a Reimbursement Request for details on how to submit a reimbursement request. WEEF cannot reimburse purchases made before official funding alocations are anounced, and funding expires two years after alocations are released.

2) You submit an order through UNIT 4 (the new accounting system) and WEEF will approve the appropriate funding amounts.

Faculty with access to unit 4 can place a note in Unit 4. In the note please include the following information

  • Proposal number ex (S17-1118 , W17- 985)
  • Total approval funding
  • Items purchasing

WEEF does not have access to UNIT 4 because the of the high administration costs as determined by the University. If you do not have access to UNIT 4 and view it as the optimal way to receiving the funding, please email us and Anca Constantinescu and set up an appointment.

IMPORTANT:WEEF cannot under any circumstances transfer money from one university account to another. This is due to a restriction placed on the account as an endowment fund. WEEF's contribution to your purchase MUST be on the purchase requisition or request for payment (RFP). If a department pays for the entire purchase price up front, they will NOT be reimbursed.