The Board of Directors

The Waterloo Engineering Endowment Foundation (WEEF) Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the foundation, approval of funding decisions and bylaw changes, and the setting of WEEF policy. They usually meet once a term. More information about the Board's responsibilities can be found in Section four of our Constitution.

By constitution, the board must include a minimum of two-thirds students.

Current members:

  • Dean of Engineering - Richard Culham (interim)
  • WEEF Director (Society A) - Seth Lauzon (on-stream)
  • WEEF Director (Society B) - Stephen Milek 
  • President - Engineering Society A - Delainey Lindstrom-Humphries (on-stream)
  • President - Engineering Society B - Ellen McGee 
  • Student representatives:
    • Society A - Matthew Schneider
    • Society A - Kerit Sharia 
    • Society A - Ayush Mittal
    • Society B - Connie Melidy
    • Society B - Katherine Arnold
    • Society B - Ankit Shah
    • Architecture - Maria Smirnova
  • Alumni representatives:
    • Denis Viens
    • Adam Schneider
    • vacant

The Funding Council

The Funding Council members (AKA WEEF Class reps) have the critical role of deciding where WEEF's funding goes. They typically meet three times a term: twice to hear presentations by those who have requested funding and once more to vote on which proposals should be allocated money. Any bylaw changes must also be approved by them. As class representatives, they act as liaisons between the student body and WEEF, helping to identify student concerns and ensuring that WEEF funding goes to student-chosen priorities.

If any of the following information is incorrect, please inform the WEEF Director.

Current Funding Council members:

Program 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Architecture Ethan Duffey Maddie Lachance Arabella Cuvin Owen Melisek, Peter Song  
Architectural Engineering N/A N/A N/A N/A Jingyi Zhang, Nadine Metwali
Biomedical N/A Benjamin Bestvater, Manthan Shah Abel Joseph, Yukum Zhang Isabel Zhang  
Chemical - 4 Ryan Smilovici, Dilip Rathinakumar Disha Sankhe, Megan Yerxa N/A N/A Carter Hawkins
Chemical - 8 Kayli Dale, Jacqueline Hutchings Maria Rojas N/A Jenny Shin, Brian Choi Yu An Chen, Amy Wohlgemuth
Civil N/A Ryan Kong Kerit Sharia, Adrian Logo Benjamin Klassen Henry Hughes, Edward Yang
Electrical & Computer - 4/Z1 Craig Lalumiere Fredric DeSeries, Andre Glark N/A Eric. C, Yash Malik Shazil Razzaq
Electrical & Computer - 4/Z2 N/A N/A N/A N/A  
Electrical & Computer - 8 N/A N/A N/A N/A Nicholas Khorasani, Kobe Cofini
Environmental Joelle Dumouchel, Julie Taylor N/A Ankit Shah, Devansh Babla Abhinav Yeole, Fred (Ruihan) Huang Anna van der Heide, Aayan Siddiqui
Geological Liam Kelly, Tai Schruder Emily Terpstra, Xinghao Zhao N/A N/A  
Management N/A Theo Morissette, Evgueni Makaraski Matthew Schneider Julia Ren, Rohan Gupta Yuvraj Walia, Manchind Arora
Mechanical - 4 Connie Melidy, Safwan Qazi Remy Segel-Brown Jordon Savage, Ivanseth Ong Kaizen Liu, Roman Kobets  
Mechanical - 8 N/A Lily Liu, Sana Hussein Byung Min Ko, Heong Joo Yoo David Austin Chris Sankey, Tarj Tandel
Mechatronics - 4 Jessen Liang, Russel Wong Robin Liu, Jonathan Parson Derek Lin, Rutvik Pandya Ayush Mittal  
Mechatronics - 8 N/A N/A Danielle Seunarine, Ayesha Ebrahim N/A Maria Mihu, Christopher Samra
Nano N/A Joran Van Wyk, Zihan Lee N/A Victoria Ho, Joshua Kunihiro Annabelle Wicentowich, James Davies
Software Matt D'Souza N/A Harry Dong, Rosie Babrai Brendan Engelman  
Systems Ruoxuan Chen Cecile Jingyan He, Melody Liu Amanda Morin N/A