Our people

The Board of Directors

The Waterloo Engineering Endowment Foundation (WEEF) Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the foundation, approval of funding decisions and bylaw changes, and the setting of WEEF policy. They usually meet once a term. More information about the Board's responsibilities can be found in Section four of our Constitution.

By constitution, the board must include a minimum of two-thirds students.

Current members:

  • Dean of Engineering - Mary Wells represented by Carolyn MacGregor and Robin Jardin
  • WEEF Director (Society A) - Nush Majra (on-stream)
  • WEEF Director (Society B) - Zach Zammit 
  • President - Engineering Society A - Tyler West (on-stream)
  • President - Engineering Society B - Dylan Ellington 
  • Student representatives:
    • Society A - Jeff Zhu
    • Society A - Tarj Tandal
    • Society A - Prabhjyot Singh
    • Society B - Sahil Kale
    • Society B - Garrett Miller-Junk
    • Society B - Kasturi Ghosh
    • Architecture - Vacant
  • Alumni representatives:
    • Denis Viens
    • Adam Schneider
    • Michelle Liu
  • Nonvoting guests:
    • Robin Jardin, Faculty of Engineering Student Relations Officer
    • Peter Teerstra, Sedra Design Center Director

The Funding Council

The Funding Council members (AKA WEEF Class reps) have the critical role of deciding where WEEF's funding goes. They typically meet three times a term: twice to hear presentations by those who have requested funding and once more to vote on which proposals should be allocated money. Any bylaw changes must also be approved by them. As class representatives, they act as liaisons between the student body and WEEF, helping to identify student concerns and ensuring that WEEF funding goes to student-chosen priorities.

If any of the following information is incorrect, please inform the WEEF Director.

Current Funding Council members:

Please contact the WEEF director if you need a list of current council members, or are a member that is not on the mailing list.