Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Over the last week, the WEEF funding council listed to presentations from people who submitted proposals. After 2 hours of deliberation between WEEF class reps at the funding decision meeting, the allocations for Fall 2019 were finalized. To view the allocations, visit the Documents Section of our website.

Proposals are funded based on a majority vote from WEEF class reps elected by all on-stream undergraduate engineering classes. The class reps make up the funding council. The goal of the funding council is to weigh proposals against each other to find out which ones have the biggest impact to improving undergraduate engineering. The proposals funded this term range from major lab upgrades, state-art-of-art equipment, various educational resources, and funding different student teams.

If you have any questions about WEEF or about the Fall 2019 allocations, please get in touch at

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