Graduate Learning: Work-Integrated

Students working on project together

As the economic demand for professionals with specialized knowledge, training, and skills continues to climb, the University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Engineering plays a key role in developing our talent pipeline. Our Master’s and PhD programs are vital to advancing innovation and fueling our nation’s economic engine.

We understand that our graduate programs have the power to change the trajectory of lives both here and abroad so we prepare students for their future regardless of the path they choose – industry, academia, or entrepreneurship (or combined).

With this knowledge, we will use these next five years to create a world-renowned work integrated learning program. We will not only attract the best undergraduate students to our Faculty but will also keep this top talent here as graduate students. This will allow our graduate students to deepen and specialize their knowledge – allowing them to be more able to solve the difficult challenges facing industry and beyond. We will also intensify recruiting graduate students by promoting our Waterloo Engineering education that offers active networking with industry and international experiences. As Canada’s most innovative post-secondary institution, which is known for ground-breaking research as well as our renowned startup ecosystem, we have much to offer graduate students.

Going forward, we are focusing on improving the graduate students’ experience from their first day on campus and throughout their academic journey. We will enhance the graduate student educational experience by offering a curated selection of specialized, outstanding courses. We will continue to update our curriculum and programs to ensure students are receiving materials at the forefront of knowledge. We will strive to offer an engaging experience for graduate students through relevant and exciting research opportunities and we will celebrate their research achievements. We will provide training and resources to faculty members to enable them to be the best supervisors they can be. We want our graduate student alumni to be extremely satisfied with their career-enhancing educational experience at Waterloo.

41% academic, 59% Industry or entrepreneurship, 278 graduate student awards offered, 37 graduate programs, #1 ranked Research University in Canada


Become the world leader in work-integrated graduate studies in engineering and architecture.


  • Recruit and retain top talent from across Canada and the world
  • Offer a curated selection of exceptional courses and programs
  • Provide a personalized educational experience inspiring learners to develop solutions to complex problems
  • Intentionally design career integration opportunities 
  • Enable our faculty to be inspiring supervisors, excellent teachers, and supportive mentors
  • Comprehensively improve graduate student experience