Reputation and Outreach: Connect

Waterloo Engineering water bottle being opened by a robot

The Faculty of Engineering occupies a singular space in the world of technology and innovation in North America because of our unique co-operative education program, entrepreneurship ecosystem, and our strong partnerships with industry.

The 21st century marks the emergence of a hyper-connected world that is having profound social-economic implications. The University of Waterloo Engineering’s reputation will be intrinsically linked to our impeccable standards of excellence and the impact of our ideas on society. But that is not enough. We strive to be known as the epicentre of technology talent at all levels. Our model will be extended to graduate levels - from first-year master’s to final-year doctoral programs - our graduate studies will be fully experiential and integrated with the external world. Our fundamental research will be known for major breakthroughs and our translational research will have a lasting impact on humanity.

In 2020, we will launch the next wave of education and research that will produce exceptional, highly skilled talent who will be ready to shape technology in a fast-paced world for the benefit of humanity – and we must share this message worldwide.

Reputation and outreach statistics - $100M philanthropic support received as part of the Education the Engineer of the Future campaign, 700 startups, spin-offs and mature companies have Waterloo Engineering students, faculty, staff, or alumnia s foundersm, 46,541 Alumni as of 2018/2019, 18 Outreach programs, Top 50 Engineering school in the world (QS World University Ranking 2019

To build this momentum, we will undertake specific campaigns and strategies to ensure our research accomplishments are widely disseminated across the University and throughout the world. We will showcase our talent and expertise by hosting international conferences and bringing other leading researchers to our state-of-the-art facilities. We will also work to better communicate the differentiation between engineering disciplines and make it easier to discover the expertise that is found within the Faculty. We will deepen our engagement with all our stakeholders – alumni, staff, faculty, industry, friends, government, and media – to ensure they feel connected and are aware of the world-changing talent and research that originate from the Faculty of Engineering.

Our talent must also be reflective of the world we live in so we are committed to diversity and equity through increased support for our Engineering Outreach programs, specifically for under-represented communities. To attract and retain top talent, we are integrating equity and diversity throughout our policies and procedures to ensure the Faculty of Engineering is their first choice among top schools.


Become the epicentre of the world's technology talent.


  • Elevate our international research profile
  • Improve universal understanding of disciplines within the Faculty of Engineering and beyond
  • Commit to diversity and equity throughout our programs, policies, and processes
  • Build momentum, anticipation, and excitement around the Faculty of Engineering
  • Enhance communication and deepen engagement with all stakeholders